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The Impact of Dehydration on Your Workouts

You have most likely been dehydrated at one time or another. You could have experienced a dry mouth and throat, low energy levels, and a headache or dizziness. These are all symptoms of mild dehydration and are not seriously dangerous. They disappear when you drink some water. However, when it comes to workouts and dehydration, Read More

Tips to Help You Safely Start and Enjoy Cardio Workouts

There is no denying that cardio is the best exercise that you can undertake to either lose weight or to tone up muscles. Best of all, it’s easy, right? Wrong!   While it may seem like a bunch of jumping around to music, cardio is a serious style of workout that needs to be approached Read More

Sports, South Africa & Studies

Sports have always transcended boundaries. One could say it appeals and relates to everyone in some way. It engulfs people with emotions, which somehow choose to ignore all negative aspects like politics, hatred or race. If there ever were a country who appreciates the barriers that sports helped us bring down, it would be South Read More